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Wizard's End

Poet : Moe Phillips

Narration: Namakula Nasejje Musoke

Audio Design: Ian Phillips

Can't hear? Press TWICE!

Cover Shot_Wizards End_REV.png

Moonlight finds him beneath a tree

tattered book lies in withered grasp.

Wondering aloud to stars overhead,

his old voice a whispered rasp.

“What more is there to learn or teach?

How many secrets to unfold?

I’ve lived a thousand ages

let my story now be told.”

He speaks the language of the beasts.

His sharp vision pierces hearts.

He’s heard all the world has to say,

this sage of ancient arts.

Red comets whisper of his feats.

Bright star shine knows his name.

The Old Sorcerer is weary now,

of his cosmic fame.

Forgetting more than he knew,

his soul begs to learn no more.

Time has taken her unflinching toll.

He seeks the final door.

The sun has found him once again,

on this day he will not rise.

He walks alone in a sleeper’s dream,

for a Wizard never dies.


This poem was inspired by Gandalf’s leaving for the Grey Havens.

I got a genuine feeling of comfort, that though his time in Middle Earth had come to an end - there was still very much a road ahead.

The poem brought Namakula’s late dad to her mind - hence her beautiful dedication to her father that leads us into the story.

A Wizard companion is a wonderful gift to receive during our own adventures. 

Especially when we recognize them.

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