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A Wizard's Whistle Is Not A Toy

Poet : Moe Phillips

Narration : Namakula Nasejje Musoke

Audio : Ian Phillips

Can't hear? Press TWICE!


A boy found a whistle at the edge of a lake

Thought for sure, it was his to take


He didn’t know it was hexed with a charm

To whistle up trouble and conjure up harm


This old whistle played only one tune

Each side inscribed with a sorcerer’s rune


The boy discovered he could play a new game

When he blew that whistle, a while wind came


Shrieking winds tore up his small town

Toppling the church steeple upside down


He summoned the wind from east and west

Groaning gusts were an unwelcome guest


Held that whistle up to his mouth

Made the winds blow from north and south


His neighbors cried “Throw it back in the lake!

Before these gales leave nothing to take!”


The boy didn’t care who he hurt with his fun

He blew that whistle and made the wind run


But unbeknownst to this selfish boy

A wizard’s lost whistle is not a toy


One day as the boy blew that whistle of tin

The Mother of Winds came barreling in


She howled for the boy across a raging sea

How he wished he’d let that lost whistle be!


Gales swooped him up like a crumpled leaf

And dragged away the young whistle thief


Folks say when wind blows through the trees

You can hear that sad whistle boy’s pleas


Reading the mighty father of the ghostly tale - M.R. James, I came to the story “Whistle and I’ll Come to you, My Lad”. Totally one of my all-time favorite horror tales. I had heard of wind magic but not of magic whistles. I looked into the lore and found some ancient peoples of Mexico used them too. They are not wholesome things to play with and best left to wizards. The little boy came to mind after seeing a play “Shock Head Peter” and hearing The Tiger Lillies singing Flying Robert. I think the boy got what he deserved and it is a tale of karma and Mother Nature dishing it out. Namakula’s brought a very stern character to this read. She told it as a cautionary tale lest someone else get into wizard work without the proper credentials.

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