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Meet The Feisty Beast Team

Monster Hunt

Welcome to our world!

We are three producers who also happen to be a poet, a Performer and a sound mixer. In 2021, We came together to make magic. With story and sound. Fantasy meets premium production skills and masterful storytelling of tall tales. We hope you enjoy our work and we'd be delighted to partner and bring the story telling to an even broader audience.  Sit back and give a listen to something unique and truly entertaining.

And be advised: there be dragons here!

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Moe Phillips

Poet/Writer/Content Producer. Moe is a believer in all things magical. Over twenty of Moe’s poems and essays have appeared in anthologies and magazines for adults and children. Whether Moe is delving into tales of wonder, silly poems or essays that honor daily living, they all contain her imagistic style of storytelling. She has created films for award winning poets- Naomi Shihab Nye, Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Georgia Heard. Moe was honored to be the first poet featured on The Dirigible Balloon.  As an advertising executive producer, Moe has won numerous awards for her contributions, including a Gold Clio for Disney’s “Little Mermaid” 30th anniversary tribute film. The elements and elementals are her inspiration.

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Namakula Nasejje Musoke

Actress, editor, producer, storyteller. The mesmerizing voice you hear telling the feisty tales. As a professional voice over for advertising and films, Namakula brings her training and technique to each recording. Always creating the right character to entice listeners on a wild adventure. Whether leading us in the mad dance of the Octopus Tango or tantalizing the audience with her cool, snap those fingers! performance of a fancy lady’s hat outwitted by Mother Nature, Namakula spins out the stories for the audience. Her keen sense of timing and artful narration brings the poetry to life.


Ian Phillips

Producer, editor, and the maestro of the mix. Ian brings his audio skills to the party. His keen ear for music and sound design are the backbone of the series. The glue that holds Namakula’s voice to our ears. Ian completes the team with his technical and creative expertise. He is the third producer in the mix. Ian makes with the sound design in his studio. Coffee is his constant companion. He is also Moe’s husband and producing partner.

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