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Bear Bunny Love

Poet : Moe Phillips

VO Casting / Producer: Namakula Nasejje Musoke

Audio: Ian Phillips

Guest Narration: Carlos Rondon

Can't hear? Press TWICE!

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featured on the dirigible balloon


I wanted to write a love story. But I don’t really like love stories. But I like this one. Love will not be tamed! The heart wants what the heart wants. Even if it means getting devoured by your paramour.  The voice. We decided this needed to be pure Gomez Addams meets Antonio Banderas. Some Latin lover who swooned at the undying love of these two idiots. But also, was gleeful about the outcome produced by such a forbidden romance. Downright giddy to be truthful. Namakula brought Carlos Rondon to the table and he nailed it.

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Isn't it funny how a bear and a bunny

can find themselves in love?


This kind of affection and furry connection

is the result of a bolt from above.


Know that the rabbit is not in the habit

of cavorting with a known carnivore.


You’d think that a hare that falls for a bear

would worry about what is in store.


Though bears do like berries and even ripe cherries,

they are not vegan per se.


If offered a coney or cheese and baloney,

the answer would probably be “Yeah”!”


Will the bear really settle to nibble on kibble

and forget its meat hungry tooth?


Will the bunny decide to go along for the ride,

and not tell his buddies the truth?


There could be a riot when the bear’s bunny diet,

is revealed at the nuptial feast.


Bunnies will scatter and here speed will matter!

When running from this bridal beast.


While saying their vows- bears dreaming of cows,

something bunny would never abide.


If I were that bunny with a bear for a honey

I think I would kiss her and hide.

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