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Poem: Moe Phillips

Narration : Namakula Nasejje Musoke

Audio Design: Ian Phillips

Some Sound Effects by Lara Sluyter (LARA’S HORROR SOUNDS on YouTube)

Can't hear? Press TWICE!

Here’s a tale about mean little trolls
Who spread despair from their hidey holes
Every night they change their name
Because fake identity is their game
Up they pop, on your lit screen
As Billy, Bobby, Sally Green
Lure you in to answer back
Then launch their mean attack
You’d be shocked at the things they said
Planting worms inside your head
Beware the girl with a thousand faces
Appearing at once in a thousand places
Trolls are experts at being “real”
And understanding how you feel
The masters of the great pretend
But in fact, they’re not your friend 
Sometimes they ask where you live
And OH! to meet you! What they would give!
These trolls will troll and slime about
Hurting feelings and casting doubt
Innocence is their favorite meal
Even better- secrets they can steal
There is a way to beat this beast
Don’t ever let them in to feast
One click leaves them in the dust
Put real value on who you trust
Sometimes who you think is on your screen…
Might be a troll who can’t be seen.


Stranger DANGER! It’s all too real--at any age. On this topic, we claim the soapbox to stand on and are getting FEISTY!  
Swipe is indeed an accurate word! Who are you? Why are you here? What are you after? All fair questions. 
The Worldwide Wild West Web is no joke. So much bullying, belittling, burglary and much worse happening.  Every second, around the globe. So, this poem is a loving and fiery message from US to all of YOU-- be SAFE. Trust your gut. Tell someone. Enjoy the amazing internet for sure- but be aware. Be sure. Be kind. Be honest. Be YOU. 
And when necessary, BE FEISTY! 

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