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Winter Fairies

Poet : Moe Phillips

Narration : Namakula Nasejje Musoke

Audio : Ian Phillips

Can't hear? Press TWICE!

Featured on the dirigible balloon

& The caterpillar magazine

Outside my window,

a howling wind grows near.

Wild Storm Fairies are dancing

through the atmosphere.

Frosting the mountain forest-

freezing the deep lake.

Pulling cold on their sleds,

leaving winter in their wake.


The Fairies make a fury

of the elements they rule,

flying from the frozen north,

using star dust for their fuel.

Above the winter skies are

ablaze with northern lights,

a cosmic show of color,

created by the Sprites.


They laugh and chase each other

through the icy air,

with bright scarlet cheeks

and snowflakes in their hair.

A blizzard is their breakfast.

A hail storm late day tea.

Fairies whistle up a wind,

that freezes every tree.


One morning without warning,

the imps stop in their tracks.

On this day the Star of Dawn

feels warm upon their backs.

Once again the Earth has turned

her face up to the Sun,

robins sing out to the Fairies

“Your winter work is done!”


This is close to my heart. Fairies. I write in a room full of them. This was first featured in The Caterpillar magazine out of Ireland. I woke from a sound sleep one night and these words were in my head - “The Fairies make a fury of the elements they rule. Flying from the frozen north using stardust for their fuel.” I flipped open my laptop on my night table and wrote them down. Then I wrote the poem about it. Namakula brought a childlike wonder to her read for this. A fairy tale celebration of winter and oh then when Spring comes and the joy in seeing that first red robin. This was also featured on the Dirigible Balloon.

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