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Witchy Rainbow Brew

Guest Poet : Helen Kemp Zax

Host : Namakula Nasejje Musoke

Narration: Moe Phillips

Audio: Ian Phillips

Can't hear? Press TWICE!


I met Helen (her link here) at Highlights several years ago on a children’s poetry retreat. We took a liking to each other instantly. I especially love her clever poetry. It was October and we were sitting outside by a raging fire trying to stay warm without getting roasted. The subject of ghosts, goblins and witches came up. “I have a fun witch poem” my new friend Helen told me. I asked her to read it and when she did, I knew I had to go be a witch in my little cabin and read her poem. So, I did. Into my phone. When we created the Feisty Beast audio poem series, Helen was kind enough to let us feature it.

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red pepper, red mud, red apple, red blood,

red heart, red berry, RED! flame, crimson, cherry


orange pumpkin, orange peel, orange monarch, orange eel,

orange poppy, orange leech, ORANGE! salmon, carrot, peach


yellow egg yolk, yellow hair, yellow jacket, yellow pear,

yellow sulfur, yellow mold, YELLOW! lemon, ochre, gold


green apple, green frog, green pickle, green bog,

green algae, green Polly, GREEN! olive, emerald, holly


blue scorpion, blue eyes, blue peacock, blue flies,

blue dragon, blue mice, BLUE! azure, navy, ice. 


purple sea slug, purple prune, purple starfish, purple moon,

purple coral, purple corn, purple, INDIGO! VIOLET! thorn.


Bubble, bubble in my vat! I’ll swirl the rainbow this way, that— 

I’ll cast a spell! Mwah-hah! Cast two!


And now, my lovely . . . drink my brew.

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